Oopsie Baby Headguard Helmet

When it comes to crawling, standing, and walking, many parents find that their little ones suffer minor bumps and bruises during this stage of their life where they start to explore their surroundings.  One couple developed "The Oopsie," a soft head guard for infants and toddlers to wear in order to help protect their forehead, temples, and soft spots from injury.  This UK product has been extremely successful in the local marketplace, as there was no similar product available.  This lightweight, soft headband can be easily worn by babies and toddlers, and comes in a variety of cute and adorable colors!

  • Oopsie Headguard - Light Pink

  • Oopsie Headguard - Green

  • Oopsie Headguard - Navy Blue

  • Oopsie Headguard - Light Blue

  • Oopsie Headguard - Yellow

  • Oopsie Headguard - Lilac

Bumps and bruises don't have to be a part of every infant's life, especially when they are learning to crawl and walk.  Many babies experience minor--and sometimes major--injuries to their head due to falling or tripping while exploring their environment.  A couple in the United Kingdom found that there was no available product that would protect children from these bumps and bruises on their forehead, temples, and their soft spots.  Due to this, "The Oopsie" was born.

The Oopsie is soft headgear void of a chin strap that offers protection and comfort for little children.  They come in a wide variety of colors, and are an affordable way to keep your child a little bit safer while they're crawling, standing, and walking around the house or while on the go.  The Oopsie integrates non-toxic EVA foam filling in order to absorb shock and act as a cushion during impact.  It is made as a wonderful safety aid that is easy to clean with either hand-washing or gentle machine washing.

If you have been looking for a product that will help keep your baby injury-free even when they are trying out ways to mobilize, consider The Oopsie!