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Building Brands Parents Trust

Juvenile Specialty Distribution, Inc. focuses on providing innovative, leading-edge products and merchandise for infants, toddlers, and children. With an eye for inventive, clever, and original designs and solutions, Juvenile Specialty Distribution, Inc. specializes in breaking new ground with providing the best in contemporary, visionary products. Our company is currently focusing on the distribution and sales of Oopsie, original head wear for protecting infants and toddlers from bumps and bruises from crawling, walking, and standing.

Multiple Color Choices The Oopsie comes in multiple colors: navy blue, light blue, sage green, lilac, light pink, and yellow. Parents are sure to find a color their baby will love. No Uncomfortable Chin Straps! The Oopsie fits securely on an infants head without the need for a chin strap. Most baby helmets require a chin strap which can irritate the baby’s skin.